Not A Lot of Living The Dream Right Now.

Here is the present dream at the moment.


So this is not a moan about how long it takes to get a home built these days.

A little ode to the pleasures of learning to wait ones turn. It’s been a while since it seemed like a great idea to build a dream home. However not a bad thing as ideas develop.

Staying here on the block has shown us how the soil works. Pretty fertile so far. The only thing is where are the worms I cry. They do not seem to bring joy to the local heart. It is hard to imagine a garden without them.

Possibly the guilty worm catcher.

We have developed a family relationship with the local magpie family who spend hours looking for my worms.

In all fairness they do a grand job of collecting grass grubs so I do appreciate the effort there.

In New Zealand our garden was chock full of worms doing their wonderful work and it showed. Perhaps I should just forget them an trust in due course with judicious amounts of compost they will appear.

We are thrilled so far with our gardening efforts. Keeping in mind all will be in danger of destruction once the tradies appear. Bits of wood and bricks everywhere .

A passion fruit vine was given to us by kindly friends and it has grown like a triffid along side the aborted caravan shelter. That’s another story to be told. Here we are with a very high narrow shelter of sorts too small to fit the caravan in. A building company supposedly excellent a construction of said shelters let us down badly with very poor advice. Not happy at all but silver linings and all that appeared. During our very hot humid summer it turned out to be the place to catch a breeze. Now it is morphing into a garden folly.

We intend to fill in part of it with quirky stuff yet to jell properly in our heads. There will be garden furniture and lots of plants with a cool breeze and a place to read and relax. A little like a getaway just off the main house.

Speaking of we do believe site works are happening soon and we will need to find a new place to park up.

Truthfully I am really looking forward to getting back on the road for a while.

Glorious beaches to explore and oh goodness red dirt, turquoise sea and endless skies are calling.

Once the man’s knee has been sorted out one way or another we can make plans. Sadly he has been uncomfortable for a couple of years and unable to enjoy much walking so we are going to do what needs to be done. Fingers crossed the Doc he is visiting next week can repair him. Like an old car needs lots of attention.

So there we are. Waiting for the house trying not to get impatient, will not help anything. Wanting the poor old knee fixed once and for all and hoping it is not a replacement job. Ouch that would hurt. Missing our road life but enjoying growing bits and pieces in the garden.

Riding the best track living one’s best life ha ha.
Love this place.
Happy Days
Not to forget overseas! Nearly forgotten about that.
Playing with effects.

Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.

Found under a coconut tree.

Tee Hee I knew if I keep my eyes open the universe would provide. Of all my great loves coconuts surely come high on the list.

On a very pleasant walk around the coast yesterday look what turned up. Pure kismet. We have been chatting about growing a coconut tree in the garden. It seems they grow terribly well here along with all the plants you could ever hope for.

How wonderful ask and there they were lying around apparently unwanted and unappreciated. You Tube was consulted and it appears without too much trouble we can get one to sprout and grow. All we will need is a pet monkey to climb for us.

A few years ago we enjoyed a marvelous holiday in Malaysia and one of the highlights was a village visit. The fellow looking after the coconut plantation had trained a pissed off looking monkey to whip up the trunk and throw down the fruit. Of course you were invited to donate a bit of cash for the monkeys welfare and enjoy the fresh milk. Oh my there is nothing better on a steamy tropical day than that.

In these days of no overseas holidays I am grateful we had the chance to travel reasonably often. Asia was and is still a great favorite. Bring on the happy days of travel again I say. Will it ever be the same again? Just do not know in light of all the horrible things the world has experienced and the unknown factor of the Ukraine invasion it seems to me the glorious times have passed.

We had enjoyed Asia so much an idea came up. Spend a year at least travelling Asia by train. Suitable garments were brought and home made. Lots of linen and loose and comfortable to boot. We were going to carry nothing but a backpack and passports. Hopefully a bit of cash as well.

Then came Covid and knocked that on the head. We had made friends with a lovely couple who had already lived our dream earlier so we had to take comfort listening to their travel stories. It was an amazing time for them and took two years to complete in their seventies no less.

A great lesson in grabbing the moment and never waiting for the right time.

So off to inland Queensland shortly and a visit to the Gulf. Many people cannot take that opportunity and it is always important to remember life is good here in Queensland.

Pretty Good Is It Not?

Today we will attempt to sprout the coconut maybe two. Imagine a hammock under the coconuts in your own back yard.

Happy Days Soon.



Well planning for sure. So much to do planning the house and that’s a story in its self. Briefly one has discovered the longer one spends in limbo wandering if this plan will ever eventuate the longer you have to over think the whole thing.


M spent a lot of time measuring up the block and then carefully laying out the borders of the house to be. The lawn was closely mown and the whole plan burnt onto the lawn. Great fun walking around the rooms visually and physically getting an idea of how it will feel.

Then the drone was brought out with much glee as we thought it would be great fun to see the site from above. As it proved to be. In all honesty its still very much a learning curve and hours of practice are needed. However it did the job and Dad learnt to land it where he wanted so all good.

We have learnt quickly here the best place to sit and catch the breeze on a hot summers day is the shelter we had built for the caravan. One hot day as we sat enjoying said breeze it occurred to us the house site would need to be changed. It had been drawn up to be all in a row with other homes in the street. It dawned on us surely we would catch a cool breeze if we were further back on the block. The call was made and plans changed and now our home will be further back off the road.

We felt comfortable with the changes and happy to be out of line with the home next door. Looking at the drone shot and walking the outlines we realised our outdoor entertainment area would have a lovely view of the lower side of their home.

The thing was the temple of caravans proved to be far too tight for the van. We are annoyed the builder of the shed could not be bothered pointing out we may have under estimated the width needed. Plans change so now we will have to find another place to park her but have gained a fun outdoor place to fill with plants and garden furniture.

All that aside back to the trip we are looking forward to. The funny thing is there is no sense of urgency but I fear no plan and it will never really happen. With the present climate of heat and wild storms it feels safer to wait them out.

There is a loose plan we would enjoy along the lines of travelling to Adelaide and then up through the middle taking in Urulu and popping up to Broome and even Barn Hill our most favoured camp in Oz. In a dream world we would the circuit the coast of WA and up the coast of SA and on back to QLD. In truth needing to keep an eye on the build it will probably just be QLD.

There is a sense of anticipation in the air and may not be too far away to liftoff. Oh hang on that’s for aircraft.


It is time to get out the notebooks and lookup the free camp book and get going. Lets hope all the other folk decide to stagger their trips and we all have a chance to find nightly site.

The gypsy days and nights are coming and I cannot wait. What a year so far and it can only get better so bums off seats get rolling again.



Maggie Baby

Back in the van waiting for the build to start. Oh My Goodness how time can drag when the weather has turned and a trip anywhere has the possibility of certain flooding, lightening strikes or just melting humidity.

Some garden sunshine.
The Block Soon To Be Transformed.

Must not complain for our troubles are nothing compared to the southern states. We are merely suffering a little boredom and missing a swim. We have been blessed to have escaped the carnage further down the coast and no damage from serious storms. However the fury the Gods let rip last night was unbelievable. They say nearly 500.000 lighting strikes in that one. I found myself asking Thor to just piss off and he did for a few minutes and came back full of further fury.

This morning found me looking for the scorch marks on the lawn. At one stage I was convinced I heard the wet ground sizzle. Can do without wakes ups like that.

We have not been able to resist a little gardening along the way. There has been great success growing chillies and peppers believe it or not straight from the supermarket fruit. Its true anything grows here. What fun it will be when the build is completed and we get into the serious stuff.

Quite A Big Change.

Its Like Waiting For A Birth.


Awaiting the birth of our new home here at Burnett Heads. Who knew another impetuous decision would lead to a small fishing village.

Another sea change, always the sea drawing us to the next stage of life. It was really the bike track that drew us to this one. A decent length for a morning ride and the bliss of no traffic to contend with. Pure joy with a decent coffee as a reward half way through.

Attempting fitness definitely achieving a wonderful sense of well being.

The thing is we have found a terrific bunch of characters here in this place. With the added advantage of real kindness and the most welcoming folk we have come across. So against the fear it would be a little boring it has proved to be all rather interesting and with a touch of quirky to keep it amusing.

So new home decided and all planned we find ourselves back in the caravan with all the others on the road these days. Many many on the road and much competition for campsites a thing we never have had to deal with before. It would be boring to harp on about Covid and how its changed everything but there it is.

We looked at the school holidays coming and knew it would be almost impossible to get a place. Then a stroke of genius hit if a little slowly as they are these days.

We have our own free camp! what are we thinking paying to stay for a tiny bit of land with some water and a dunny for heavens sake.

The idea took hold and we were off to the little piece of heaven just down the road. Close to the beach, the riding track and very sunny to boot. The neighbours all swung by to say howdy and made us feel very welcome. It was a good idea a great way to save a few dollars and get a feel for the land.

Oh how we ached to get a start on the garden. Garden Centres were looked at, gardening magazines were bought. It is impossible to start anything we thought. Builders will not respect newly planted citrus trees or roses.… vegetables forget it.

Note the tumeric flower so beautiful. We got heaps of tubers from that bed and now they are all busy sprouting under the bed in the van. Oops perfect condition for them. Cannot bear to waste them so shall attempt bedding them along the fence line when we return to the block.

Only four months or so till the build starts the anticipation is building .

Living With The Kangaroos.

You miss these little creatures living in town.

It has been a month since we landed back in the caravan. Looks as though it may be quite some time before we land back in a home of our own.

We have made a start and chosen a builder and are waiting for plans to be drawn up. All exciting and I cannot visualize myself swanning around my new kitchen with a real pantry. A butlers pantry no less.

It’s different planning a new place these days. For me I found magazines brilliant to refer to and keep. I find the internet full of ideas but just not the same. Somehow the articles and photos are less impressive and memorable. Yes you can save them but not the same.

It will all work out in the end. The ideas will flow and think of the fun discussions ahead.

Back to important stuff like breakfast.

Part of the fun in a confined space like the van is trying to concoct healthy breakfasts. Think we have succeeded with this baby. Have you ever seen the like? They taste pretty good as well.

Usually we don’t bother.

Murf found a yum dinner that needs a smokey flavour. This should deliver the goods.

We do not generally worry too much about a fire but as we are bush camping it may be fun to cook on.

Fabulous Camp.

The present camp has turned out to be absolute bliss. Gorgeous days, huge space and oh did I mention the peace and quiet. Last night the stars were breathtaking just stunning.

Baffle Creek close by to us.

We went for a look around today and found this lovely place. It looks brilliant for a kayak. When it’s warmer we will venture out.

Rules Beach. Looks a little rough for safe swimming.

The local beach is rather neat. No one for miles and fairly wild. Not that we are fishing people but it looks as though it would be a good one to practice on.

Always a job.

Would you believe this is the first day in a month whereby we have just relaxed. Without power all of a sudden one develops an appreciation of just how much work it takes to wash, do the floor and all the other stuff you need to do.

Still need to make bread later on.

A sweet little lamb, lucky for him he’s not for the pot.

Big Changes Have Arrived.

Such impulsive behaviour we display at times. I/ we are prone to making life changing moves on an impulse. None of this sensible let’s talk this through nonsense for us. Rip Shit and Bust to use the common vernacular. We planned to take off for unseen parts of Queensland. Take the road untraveled we said, turn unknown corners, stay in places new to us. Visit camps that required four wheel drive. Maybe just maybe use the loo for its full purpose in places where you need to be self contained. A small horror yet to be faced. It’s been a while since we rode the road unknown and it needed to be done.

We were not going to let the great southern invasion deter us. We would strike out and face off with other determined adventurers. Well as you know best laid plans sometimes change and here is the story of why.

Garden we loved although small.

To explain it all and such impulsive behavior it all started from an urge to live the life less quiet. The life full of interest and new things to see and do.

The really compulsive need for a place to ride our bikes without fear of an early death from impatient and careless drivers. Dear reader we found all in the one place I said nah never live there.

Not a gorgeous scenic ride but safe.

Yep parts of the track are fairly plain but how good it is to have a ride without the fear of death by speeding idiot.

This area has the best bike track all the way from Burnett Heads to Elliot Heads . A pretty good ride for us of around forty kilometers. How proud we will be when after several months of nice long rides the fitness will be awesome. Maybe even the Gods willing we could have developed a touch of slenderness. Watch this space for we live in hope.

What’s not to like.

The thoughts of moving up to this area have been with us for a long time now.

We like the ocean close by, we think the area is a place one could enjoy a good life. It has lots of fresh vegetables grown and some excellent markets.

It only takes a few minutes to change your life as we quickly found out. One phone call was all it took. Good grief we blithely told an agent yes it’s fine to show a few people our unit. Two days…..two days and we were woken in our caravan by the phone and lots of annoying tinging noises. When I looked at the phone it was a case of offer made what do you think. Well let me tell you, we gasped and said offer accepted.

Future coffee stop when enjoying a ride.

After the gasping had subsided we decided to abort the trip and head home to pack up and arrange storage. A month best glossed over methinks.

So starts the next adventure and I had been wishing we could get back into the van free of concerns about the unit. It’s always a a tie having a home to worry about when you are on the road.

So this was a huge chance to free ourselves for the next twelve months or so and get out there again. We were lucky enough to purchase a block of land and plan to build when possible.

There you are! One call and the world changes around you before you know it. The thing is talk about your dreams long enough and they come true, yes the universe listens. Cue the spiritual music ha ha.

Goodbye little home.
Hello old friend together full time….again for a while.
Flowers will be grown again in my garden.

The future is now looking a lot like the thing we love. New sights and the sense of constant change and movement. We are hopeful of getting back to South Australia and Adelaide. It would be a good summer exploring and at long last learning to fish. If only one did not have to knock them out and gut them. The horror of facing up to where food comes from. Who knew they are not always battered with chips. Maybe those handy fish shops instead but that’s not what it’s all about. Ooh too excited, will keep up the story.

Coming at ya!

Just Want to Go Away Again…Soon!

Best sight in the world. Our faithful home from home.

When you are a lucky person who gets to travel in comfort it is hard to believe you are not hard done by when you are not travelling.

We are feeling very itchy of foot at the moment and cannot wait to get on the road again. This time we are hoping for the road less travelled. Less travelled by us anyway.

It’s been a year or two and we miss these sights.
Miss this as well, Mission Beach a place we love.

The thing is we know there are lots of unexplored sites to be seen. The old loves keep calling as well. What are we to do? I know ! just get in the truck , hitch her up and go. I think this time there shall be a plan. No use thundering along the highway and noticing the turnoff disappearing in the road behind.

It’s too easy to become complacent and think let’s just go where the mood takes us and guess what! Oh it’s the same place we visited last year. We have been following a YouTube series Trip in a Van and they are a charming young family,We are two long married mature folk. My goodness they just make you want to see all the places they get to. The only thing that concerns me is the adventures and leaping into swimming holes. Looks so much fun. For us the real fun would begin when we try to clamber over slippery rocks and haul ourselves out of deep pools. A little ladder is always helpful but sadly not always a feature of remote swimming holes.

You know what though, we are going to give the adventurous life a red hot go.

Don,t need a ladder here. Heaven on earth at Edith Falls NT.

I have heard of an area called Finch Hatten Gorge and it is calling us, well me anyway. They say it’s like tripping back in time to a peaceful more gentle time. That sounds good don’t you think. Cold water holes and native animals to be seen. Hopefully not the horsefly. How could you love those horrible things and their painful bites.

So instead of sitting here I should be planning and plotting the next adventure. This time it will be just the two of us. No mates and their dogs. Crumbs we will have to talk to each over.

Imagine just us ! Happy hour so beloved by caravaners just us and a glass of g&t with a miserly measure in view of the fact it has to last all week. At least our livers will be happy.

It’s got to last another week!

The joys of remote trips. Must stock up before we leave.

So all jokes about gin aside half the fun is in the planning. The other half is on the road as we will be soon. It will be interesting to see how crowded the popular spots will be this year. Will they all want to go to the coast or will the country be popular. Only one way to find out.

I really love to cook and am thinking of popping in some of our favorite meals we eat whilst travelling

We are vegetarian and it saves having to deal with storing a bundle of meat. Consequently it makes for interesting trips to farmers markets and finding good produce to use. The only thing is you do have to watch some of the cunning old blokes out there. A few times I have been cheated with veges that are rotten. The old show you the good stuff and give a bag of old stuff. The old beasts think you will be long gone before it is discovered. However long memories stand one in good stead. Got to good with bad and move on.

So this weekend we are off to have a bit of fun, lots of walks and bike rides. Exploring and even a few lazy days just reading. Ooh cannot wait. Will update soon hopefully enough to inspire anyone who likes to get out there.

Another quiet uncrowded piece of paradise. Tee Hee.

Still Camping In The Rain.

The Plan.
The Reality.

So planning a fabulous two weeks at my most favorite beach was fun. Swimsuits were carefully chosen, beach umbrellas were packed. The chairs to sit on the beach under the beach umbrellas were stowed in the truck. My goodness it was going to be awesome. Great books were downloaded onto my new most favorite app in the world.

BorrowBox has been a revelation and a joy to an avid reader like one’s self. It is very simple to use, just requires a library card and password. The beauty of it is simplicity and ease. Once you have downloaded the app you only need to pop in your card details and bingo access to the latest and best ebooks they have. It is the best reading I have enjoyed for a long time.

I have been a great fan of kindles for many years but have noticed the prices have risen to the same levels as a retail shop. You can of course read the free books and use kindle unlimited but the late releases are just not there. That is why I am so enamored of the BorrowBox app.

Do have a look at if you are on the road. It has been a blessing in this time of rain.

A Clear And Pleasant River.
Dreaming Of Sunsets.

We are planning a nice long trip in May. This time we thought it would be fun to go an unplanned voyage. Just wake in the morning and go along with the whim of the day. We are always attracted to Northern Queensland but are trying to head to places unvisited previously. It’s all rather exciting and I have decided we shall turn corners unturned. Of course in a caravan a teeny bit of planning to slow down before said corners is not a bad idea. Safety wise you know.

There are some wonderful national parks and even free camps we would like to explore. Finch Hatton Gorge has fought my eye. It sounds just the sort of place we like so adventures here we come.

On The Road Again.

It has been a different experience camping in the rain. The good thing is we are with other folk also getting ready for their big adventure. Plenty of talk to be had and also meeting young families just setting out on their long trips. It will be a different country this time. When we first started it was all grey nomads. Now an electic mix of all ages and dogs.They too have taken to travel big time. Not for us but many people do at the cost of quite a few restrictions. Should mean nice empty NPs .

Oh lord it’s getting a bit restrictive here in the van on day ten of the great drenching. Time to go somewhere…..anywhere.