Living With The Kangaroos.

You miss these little creatures living in town.

It has been a month since we landed back in the caravan. Looks as though it may be quite some time before we land back in a home of our own.

We have made a start and chosen a builder and are waiting for plans to be drawn up. All exciting and I cannot visualize myself swanning around my new kitchen with a real pantry. A butlers pantry no less.

It’s different planning a new place these days. For me I found magazines brilliant to refer to and keep. I find the internet full of ideas but just not the same. Somehow the articles and photos are less impressive and memorable. Yes you can save them but not the same.

It will all work out in the end. The ideas will flow and think of the fun discussions ahead.

Back to important stuff like breakfast.

Part of the fun in a confined space like the van is trying to concoct healthy breakfasts. Think we have succeeded with this baby. Have you ever seen the like? They taste pretty good as well.

Usually we don’t bother.

Murf found a yum dinner that needs a smokey flavour. This should deliver the goods.

We do not generally worry too much about a fire but as we are bush camping it may be fun to cook on.

Fabulous Camp.

The present camp has turned out to be absolute bliss. Gorgeous days, huge space and oh did I mention the peace and quiet. Last night the stars were breathtaking just stunning.

Baffle Creek close by to us.

We went for a look around today and found this lovely place. It looks brilliant for a kayak. When it’s warmer we will venture out.

Rules Beach. Looks a little rough for safe swimming.

The local beach is rather neat. No one for miles and fairly wild. Not that we are fishing people but it looks as though it would be a good one to practice on.

Always a job.

Would you believe this is the first day in a month whereby we have just relaxed. Without power all of a sudden one develops an appreciation of just how much work it takes to wash, do the floor and all the other stuff you need to do.

Still need to make bread later on.

A sweet little lamb, lucky for him he’s not for the pot.

Big Changes Have Arrived.

Such impulsive behaviour we display at times. I/ we are prone to making life changing moves on an impulse. None of this sensible let’s talk this through nonsense for us. Rip Shit and Bust to use the common vernacular. We planned to take off for unseen parts of Queensland. Take the road untraveled we said, turn unknown corners, stay in places new to us. Visit camps that required four wheel drive. Maybe just maybe use the loo for its full purpose in places where you need to be self contained. A small horror yet to be faced. It’s been a while since we rode the road unknown and it needed to be done.

We were not going to let the great southern invasion deter us. We would strike out and face off with other determined adventurers. Well as you know best laid plans sometimes change and here is the story of why.

Garden we loved although small.

To explain it all and such impulsive behavior it all started from an urge to live the life less quiet. The life full of interest and new things to see and do.

The really compulsive need for a place to ride our bikes without fear of an early death from impatient and careless drivers. Dear reader we found all in the one place I said nah never live there.

Not a gorgeous scenic ride but safe.

Yep parts of the track are fairly plain but how good it is to have a ride without the fear of death by speeding idiot.

This area has the best bike track all the way from Burnett Heads to Elliot Heads . A pretty good ride for us of around forty kilometers. How proud we will be when after several months of nice long rides the fitness will be awesome. Maybe even the Gods willing we could have developed a touch of slenderness. Watch this space for we live in hope.

What’s not to like.

The thoughts of moving up to this area have been with us for a long time now.

We like the ocean close by, we think the area is a place one could enjoy a good life. It has lots of fresh vegetables grown and some excellent markets.

It only takes a few minutes to change your life as we quickly found out. One phone call was all it took. Good grief we blithely told an agent yes it’s fine to show a few people our unit. Two days…..two days and we were woken in our caravan by the phone and lots of annoying tinging noises. When I looked at the phone it was a case of offer made what do you think. Well let me tell you, we gasped and said offer accepted.

Future coffee stop when enjoying a ride.

After the gasping had subsided we decided to abort the trip and head home to pack up and arrange storage. A month best glossed over methinks.

So starts the next adventure and I had been wishing we could get back into the van free of concerns about the unit. It’s always a a tie having a home to worry about when you are on the road.

So this was a huge chance to free ourselves for the next twelve months or so and get out there again. We were lucky enough to purchase a block of land and plan to build when possible.

There you are! One call and the world changes around you before you know it. The thing is talk about your dreams long enough and they come true, yes the universe listens. Cue the spiritual music ha ha.

Goodbye little home.
Hello old friend together full time….again for a while.
Flowers will be grown again in my garden.

The future is now looking a lot like the thing we love. New sights and the sense of constant change and movement. We are hopeful of getting back to South Australia and Adelaide. It would be a good summer exploring and at long last learning to fish. If only one did not have to knock them out and gut them. The horror of facing up to where food comes from. Who knew they are not always battered with chips. Maybe those handy fish shops instead but that’s not what it’s all about. Ooh too excited, will keep up the story.

Coming at ya!

Just Want to Go Away Again…Soon!

Best sight in the world. Our faithful home from home.

When you are a lucky person who gets to travel in comfort it is hard to believe you are not hard done by when you are not travelling.

We are feeling very itchy of foot at the moment and cannot wait to get on the road again. This time we are hoping for the road less travelled. Less travelled by us anyway.

It’s been a year or two and we miss these sights.
Miss this as well, Mission Beach a place we love.

The thing is we know there are lots of unexplored sites to be seen. The old loves keep calling as well. What are we to do? I know ! just get in the truck , hitch her up and go. I think this time there shall be a plan. No use thundering along the highway and noticing the turnoff disappearing in the road behind.

It’s too easy to become complacent and think let’s just go where the mood takes us and guess what! Oh it’s the same place we visited last year. We have been following a YouTube series Trip in a Van and they are a charming young family,We are two long married mature folk. My goodness they just make you want to see all the places they get to. The only thing that concerns me is the adventures and leaping into swimming holes. Looks so much fun. For us the real fun would begin when we try to clamber over slippery rocks and haul ourselves out of deep pools. A little ladder is always helpful but sadly not always a feature of remote swimming holes.

You know what though, we are going to give the adventurous life a red hot go.

Don,t need a ladder here. Heaven on earth at Edith Falls NT.

I have heard of an area called Finch Hatten Gorge and it is calling us, well me anyway. They say it’s like tripping back in time to a peaceful more gentle time. That sounds good don’t you think. Cold water holes and native animals to be seen. Hopefully not the horsefly. How could you love those horrible things and their painful bites.

So instead of sitting here I should be planning and plotting the next adventure. This time it will be just the two of us. No mates and their dogs. Crumbs we will have to talk to each over.

Imagine just us ! Happy hour so beloved by caravaners just us and a glass of g&t with a miserly measure in view of the fact it has to last all week. At least our livers will be happy.

It’s got to last another week!

The joys of remote trips. Must stock up before we leave.

So all jokes about gin aside half the fun is in the planning. The other half is on the road as we will be soon. It will be interesting to see how crowded the popular spots will be this year. Will they all want to go to the coast or will the country be popular. Only one way to find out.

I really love to cook and am thinking of popping in some of our favorite meals we eat whilst travelling

We are vegetarian and it saves having to deal with storing a bundle of meat. Consequently it makes for interesting trips to farmers markets and finding good produce to use. The only thing is you do have to watch some of the cunning old blokes out there. A few times I have been cheated with veges that are rotten. The old show you the good stuff and give a bag of old stuff. The old beasts think you will be long gone before it is discovered. However long memories stand one in good stead. Got to good with bad and move on.

So this weekend we are off to have a bit of fun, lots of walks and bike rides. Exploring and even a few lazy days just reading. Ooh cannot wait. Will update soon hopefully enough to inspire anyone who likes to get out there.

Another quiet uncrowded piece of paradise. Tee Hee.

Still Camping In The Rain.

The Plan.
The Reality.

So planning a fabulous two weeks at my most favorite beach was fun. Swimsuits were carefully chosen, beach umbrellas were packed. The chairs to sit on the beach under the beach umbrellas were stowed in the truck. My goodness it was going to be awesome. Great books were downloaded onto my new most favorite app in the world.

BorrowBox has been a revelation and a joy to an avid reader like one’s self. It is very simple to use, just requires a library card and password. The beauty of it is simplicity and ease. Once you have downloaded the app you only need to pop in your card details and bingo access to the latest and best ebooks they have. It is the best reading I have enjoyed for a long time.

I have been a great fan of kindles for many years but have noticed the prices have risen to the same levels as a retail shop. You can of course read the free books and use kindle unlimited but the late releases are just not there. That is why I am so enamored of the BorrowBox app.

Do have a look at if you are on the road. It has been a blessing in this time of rain.

A Clear And Pleasant River.
Dreaming Of Sunsets.

We are planning a nice long trip in May. This time we thought it would be fun to go an unplanned voyage. Just wake in the morning and go along with the whim of the day. We are always attracted to Northern Queensland but are trying to head to places unvisited previously. It’s all rather exciting and I have decided we shall turn corners unturned. Of course in a caravan a teeny bit of planning to slow down before said corners is not a bad idea. Safety wise you know.

There are some wonderful national parks and even free camps we would like to explore. Finch Hatton Gorge has fought my eye. It sounds just the sort of place we like so adventures here we come.

On The Road Again.

It has been a different experience camping in the rain. The good thing is we are with other folk also getting ready for their big adventure. Plenty of talk to be had and also meeting young families just setting out on their long trips. It will be a different country this time. When we first started it was all grey nomads. Now an electic mix of all ages and dogs.They too have taken to travel big time. Not for us but many people do at the cost of quite a few restrictions. Should mean nice empty NPs .

Oh lord it’s getting a bit restrictive here in the van on day ten of the great drenching. Time to go somewhere…..anywhere.

Camping In The Time of Rain.

A Worried Thomas. He seems to be a little unsettled today.Perhaps the forecast storms.

For the first time in our life on and off the road it has rained like New Zealand. Constant wet and clouds. It’s rather lovely to be cool for a change.

Not so good for people further south, flooding rain for them. I have heard stories all my married life about the floods. Always gone what ever, it’s always sunny in Australia. Never rains for long but just like the famous old poem, drought and flooding rain.

The beach was superb today. Waves crashing in with a dark cloud covering the sky. All very theatrical and ominous. We had a good walk along it and did enjoy ourselves.


The worried Thomas sitting under our van has been giving his extremely loving owner a wide berth today. She went to swat a fly last evening in the tent and gave him a great fright. Totally convinced he was to be the victim of that fly swat. As a rescue dog it makes you wonder what happened before. His mother is mortified. We all laugh and say that boy has the most indulgent spoilt life ever.

Now I know How it Used To Rain.

So just wondering if the caravan will float if needed. Just kidding we seem to be OK in this rain event here in Lennox Heads. My goodness I came equipped with sun umbrella, a little cabana shelter house. Comfortable chairs to while away hours on my favorite beach, all to just sit in the back of the truck.

They say this is a once in a century rain event. My husband often fondly recalls the days of his childhood in Grafton. The waters of the Clarence River swirling through the house. Sounds like hell on earth .

I have often thought it would be interesting to spend a few days in the van with rain pattering on the roof.

Hmm a day is enough me thinks.

Before the weather kicked in we got away up to Bangalow for a look round. What a nice town it is. Lovely stores to look at, good coffee to be drunk. It’s a beautiful example of a well preserved country town just off the coast. Very close to Byron Bay so rather trendy and definitely worth a visit.

A Beautiful Doorway in Bangalow.
Beautiful just Beautiful.

Having always enjoyed looking at stylish clothes and furniture it just brings joy to wander around and absorb all the wonderful things on offer. Even if it is beyond reach there is a real pleasure in the viewing.

Brunswick Heads.

Good food, nice beer what else to you need to have a good lunch. The local hotel has always been worth a few hours says us who hardly ever eat out at hotels. Brunswick is the exception for us, we think it’s awesome value.

Brunswick is such a nice little beach village it would be nice to live there. Once again prices ooh ouch. Only for millionaires these days. Such a shame. It would have been so cool to move to a small beach house.

Oh well off to the camp kitchen here for a drink. We have a life of simple pleasures really.

Lennox Heads. My Favorite Beach.

Terribly fond of this beach.

After our last camping session we cooked up the idea of another idyllic week or two.

I was enormously pleased when my hopeful suggestion of Lennox Heads was accepted. From the first visit we made it has held a place in my heart. A quiet wee village with fantastic surf and kilometer after kilometers to walk along.

There are a lot of kite surfers to watch. Good heavens the grace and strength those folk have. I was going to say men but surely there must be some women amongst them. That’s the pity of growing older all the upper body strength not that there was much to start with just vanishes. Where too who knows. I watch and envy the acrobatics they perform and wonder if even when one was young if it would have been a skill achievable.

We are not people who eat at good restaurants a lot. Yesterday it was suggested a nice lunch would be in order. Off we all went to a place here called Shelter.

It was very good indeed, M and I decided to go for the set menu and enjoyed an amazingly good lunch. Lots of fish involved and just so good to enjoy a meal I did not have to prepare myself.

They had Gin as well, very nice Gin it was. Fancy even with finger lime as a garnish. We would sell our souls for a finger lime tree or bush. As whatever is on special at the local liquor shop is our usual purchase a bit of finger lime would perk it up beautifully.

A good little market in Ballina NSW.

On the subject of food a subject close to my greedy heart we popped into the market at Ballina. I was not expecting too much but was pleasantly surprised to find smoked fish. We had been commenting it did not seem to be a thing here just recently and then bingo it just appeared.

Then a stall with beautiful olives and garlic preserved in oil appeared. The worry is the garlic is amazing but when I eat it at night it keeps me awake for hours. It will be a lunch thing and hopefully will repel any germs, bugs and local vampires.

So that was fun and thinking goodness we could live here easily. Nice beaches, more beaches. All you need really.

The problem is it’s super close to Byron Bay and the great southern migration. Not so many years ago it was cheap as chips. Now you need multi millions just to buy a house that’s suitable. So that idea was a no go. We comfort ourselves with the caravan telling ourselves oh well we can go anywhere. We can too.

It just follows right along wherever we ask it to go. Magic house no?

Good Heavens We Are Back.

Flame Tree Flowers.

Back at our favourite places this year. As Christmas is fast approaching we thought it would be an excellent idea to get away before the crowds arrive in Noosa.

All the birds you could wish for.

So many people it is just impossible to go out without strangers all around. Too dangerous to ride our bikes after six in the morning. The mad traffic you know.

Elliot Heads often mentioned has become a place of quiet desire. At the moment you can ride two abreast and if anyone pops along in their car they politely wait and wave as they pass. Noosa they like to run as close as possible to you so one can feel the fear.

It seems all the homes for sale have been snapped up and once again we left our run too late. Somewhere we will fall over the right home again. I strongly believe the house you need will appear when the time is right. Our present little unit was rushed into and lots of it is perfect but lots isn’t. As we get older the need for peace and quiet combined with access to a perfect beach, bike tracks and a good place to buy fresh fruit and vegetables is all we want. Not too many demands.

We have been feeling a strong urge to have an extended trip with the caravan. Possibly even around the country again. It calls to you that red dirt and sights to see. We have been watching a wonderful young couple with their children on YouTube. Trip in a Van they call it. Utterly inspired by them, clever filming and lots of ideas.

So all going well early next autumn hopefully will see us on the road for several months. I am sure the house will be fine after all holiday homes are left empty for many months.

So today has been a very enjoyable camping day. We had a nice walk to the shops to buy a few bits for dinner. I have been purchasing Bosh books. Vegan but oh so tasty and the new one is perfect to cook while camping. Happy days indeed.

We are at Agnes Water this week at the beachside camp. It is perfect for just popping into the waves for a dip. Murf caught some very impressive body surfing waves. The man is part dolphin in the water. I had a great beach walk following a lady who could not afford a swimsuit…only a string up her bum. Cripes time and place to wobble along sweetie. One can only hope she had sun screened it. Otherwise no comfy sitting down for a while.

Agnes Water is a little town that still retains that lost in the sixties vibe. Even if most of the menfolk will never see sixty again but they make a valiant effort to keep the surfer dude look intact, bless them. We love it here with all the beaching and boats. You could quietly pass your days gently swimming and maybe gardening. Tempting indeed.

A Morning To Remember.

Tonight will be spent at 1770 eating fish and chips whilst watching the sunset. One of the best places to view the sun setting over the water. The fire on Fraser Island is creating interesting effects in the colours so will take the camera.

Such a pity about the island and to think all due to an illegal campfire.

We have been tempted to look at a new caravan lately but hopefully common sense has kicked in. So tempting but personally this new trend to have Electronic devices doing all the work worries me. What happens if it they go tits up when you are far from help? Even now we lose hours of our lives fighting forgotten passwords. We could be out enjoying our lives instead of spending tense hours hunched over a screen. Reminds me a lot of work not retirement.

I can just see us and feel the angst already. Picture it if you will out on some beautiful beachside camp, many miles from help. No wifi, no telephone signal and then the gadget thingie that works all the components of the van freezes. My blood freezes imagining it. Freezes even more imaging the harsh words that would no doubt flow.

It will be better to stick with our old girl who does what ever we ask of her manually.

Our Good Old Girl with her Good Old Boy.

My only whine at this time of the year is the attack of the midges. Good lord you could make a horror movie about the silent attack of the invisible beasts of torment. However sanity has been saved by the discovery nivea body lotion applied to all exposed limbs repels the little horrors. Hubby never gets attacked at all but they just love me.

Blessed are those of us who are at the beach during this present heatwave and today already has the feel of a scorcher. Pity the poor folk inland at the moment. I do not know how they cope. The storms will follow but short term relief for them.

So from our lovely spot on the beach at Agnes Water see you later we need a swim again.

How To Put On the Foodie Trip.

Sunsets, Wine, Dinners all in a Caravanning Trip to 1770.

Oh what fun we had. It was to be a busy camp with a lot of bike rides and lots of kayaking. We were going home slim trim and toned to the max. Sadly dear reader it was not to be.

Drinks on the beach, nibbles and a meal at the hotel to follow.

It all started with a comment it would be nice to take the caravans away for a break. Then the ideas came. Where shall we go, when shall we go?

Oh the talk that was talked till 1770 in Queensland was decided upon. It is a pleasant area close to Agnes Water famous for its early connection with Captain Cook. Not too many people with enough coffee and grocery shops to make life easier.

The pretty beach of Agnes Water known to be the last surf beach in Queensland.

M and I always like to extend our trips with a break at Elliot Heads and a visit to the most excellent and interesting farmers market they have. I love the mix of cultures and fine selection of fresh fruit and vegetables they have. Bundaberg is a fertile place with huge fields of produce. The sad thing is the developers are eyeing up the land for horrid housing estates. It has always amazed me how good land is used for housing squished in like sardines. No land to garden in or get some air.

At this moment in time though all is still peaceful and of all the camps in Australia we love Elliot Heads the most. It must be the pristine river mouth that changes regularly. Not so long ago there was water all over the place. Interesting pools that were fantastic for kids to swim in under a watchful eye.

At the moment all covered in sand. A moving picture all the time.

This time a very large beach presented its self. Perfect for a good long stroll and believe me you need one when staying in a caravan.

Good keen fisher folk. Personally I like fish but dislike catching and preparing them. For me freshly cooked in a light batter with chips are perfection.

As preparation for the several days at 1770 we headed off to the markets. What a cornucopia of fruit and veges. Just heaven for us. The market there has all sorts of local produce. It’s a vegetarian delight. As we were joining a group of friends much talk had been made of all the scrumptious meals we would make. Always we shyly suggest not for us the lashings of bacon at breakfast. The steaks and roasts for dinners. Invariably though one would get caught up in the prep. for the evening’s dinners . I am not totally a pain and am happy to let others use our equipment if needed. All great fun and maybe night after night of fabulous dinners and drinks could go a long way to explain the few kilos gained.

A fun thing to do is watch the sunsets there.
Waiting for chips.

The Captain Cook Holiday camp hosted us. A quirky place with lots of trees and bird life. The beauty of it is the easy access to the best bike track in a small town, also easy access to the water for intrepid kayakers. We brought a blowup Kayak for two and were so pleased. It is like paddling an armchair always a good place to be. The area has very strong currents so two engines in one boat made it so much easier.

The armchair boat.
Camp dog Thomas.

I cannot fail to mention the camp dog. He is an older chap who has found camping is the best thing ever. His owner has a nice tent but after casting an eye over it he felt he deserved so much better. A nice big caravan looked far more suitable for a gentleman of his stature and so after a close inspection he made his choice. The majority of the time he spent snoozing under S&Ms van. It was very funny watching his mother huffing about her tent not being good enough. He is the most loved and pampered old doggie ever. Now one glance at the utes we drive to tow with he’s springing around like a pup. I do believe this character made the week with his joy to be there.

A great day out to be had on the Larc.

A highlight was the big day out on the Larc. I cannot tell you how enthusiastic the guide was and her knowledge…..amazing. I was not too fussed about it but once we got going it was so worth it. There was a coughing young boy who gained quite a few looks in this age of COVID. The guide made every effort to keep him away from others and I would guess his parents felt uncomfortable having brought him along.

The day was full of interesting facts and sights and one thing was clear. It was a dreadful hard life for those running the lighthouse we visited, the graveyard was a testament to the unforgiving nature of illness and poor health in a remote area. Most interesting and one learns just how easy life is now.

Nice view coming down from the lighthouse.

Once again we had a wonderful time and feel so grateful to live in Queensland. What a magnificent place it is. In fact we had so much fun we are off up there again shortly this time just the two of us. We like to put our van away for a few months in the summer heat and count down the days till we are off again. Next year maybe a big one if the borders are all open. I personally feel a little nervous of being trapped for a long time away from home. Still one might stay home forever if too frightened to take a chance. We are eyeing up the longest shortcut and yearn to try some roads we have not previously explored.

We Go Caravanning While We Can

Always keen to get out and about and as we all know this has been the worst year ever in our memory.

A group of us decided it would be fun to go off to Imbil Queensland. Just a small village inland from our homes with a very nice camp to stay at. We have decided in view of all that is happening these days it would be wise to have a bit of fun not too far from home.

If you are wondering it is called Imbil Camping Retreat. Reasonable prices and clean facilities. The town has all you would need to support life eg coffee, wine and grocery. Everything for a simple life.

For ages I have wanted to try out a Rail Trail and glory be they have one, a perfect length for folk who enjoy an hour or so on the bike. I am sure if one was fitter or read younger a much longer harder ride would be the ticket. We found it perfect and are thrilled to hear they will be extending it for another 15Ks or so.

After all that exercise it was time to celebrate a couple of birthdays. What a great place to have a little party without annoying your neighbors. I did warn the camp office lady we could be up till at least nine at night. As it happened the chilly night had us in bed by eight so how good was that. A party and in bed early.

In summing up it’s all changed since our big lap days. We have settled into a fun way of traveling with a group of friends and it’s nice. The little doggie was a highlight. He has never had an adventure out in the wilds of a campground and fell in love with the whole idea on the spot. His mother tells us he yearns to travel again and get the freedom of the road. He is part human I understand.

Over Excited No Need To Calm Down.

Here are a few of my favourite things. Imagine off key singing if you will.

Don’t you just love the flying bus that enables us to live a little dream for a few weeks. My God the guilt about the carbon is hard to bear but the things will fly with or without my guilt so hey ho.

We just love a little Luxury Escape as a change from the Outback caravan. So much fun to mix it up don’t you think

We started off our little adventure at a hotel called The Haven in Khao Lak. We were delighted they remembered us from our previous trip.

With great courtesy we were escorted to our spacious room….with a sea view! Once again more delight and so our long awaited Thai break commenced only to be reminded early the next morning we had forgotten it was the Monsoon season.

How had we forgotten this? Long term memory loss for it was not the first time we had enjoyed the monsoon in Thailand. It is very fortunate we always carry our Kindles well loaded with good books. Many years ago I was fortunate to work for a large publishing company and always had a supply of the latest books to read. Imagine the suitcase full of delicious books and some nice clothes as well. In this age of strict airline rules the clothes would have been left behind. Swimwear only plus the travelling clothes.

This time we had the idea that backpacks would be a good idea. The fact we had 30kgs luggage allowance did not matter, we were going to travel light no matter what.

The thing is we love to shop really love it. Our small house is full but there will always be room for an overseas treasure. Fearing the worst in that we would not be able to bring any tourist tatt oops treasures I mean we got out the mothership and popped the backpacks in . Now we were all good for treasures and unexpected finds.

Would you believe we will be home in a day or two and for the first time ever no shops. Not a single basket,statue or TShirt have we bought.

It turns out our hotels both of them are beautifully secluded and it’s all a bother to shop. First time ever we have done that.

As happens the sun did make a small appearance in Khao Lak once in a while. It mattered not there were books to read and our lovely girl and her lovely husband to pass the time with. We enjoyed drinks and meals and talked a lot . There was a day we took out the hotel bikes and explored a little. All I can say is the bikes needed a bit of love. Then we found our paradise. No words can describe the perfection.

You know when you plan your holiday and try not to be too extravagant because after all you know money and all that. Can you imagine the pleasure we had to find we had struck gold. OMG it is sweet heaven here at the Pullman Arcadia. I have to remind myself it’s a long way from a free camp on the highway somewhere in Oz.

I could boor you to tears but will try to refrain. So all I will say is it’s a long way from our usual holiday and you must be told about the sweet staff and amazing manager.

Roxanne you are a star and I just hope the company knows what a treasure they have in you. We spotted some rings in the store and as you do fell in love with them. Now as old big fingered westerners there was no chance we could get them on our very big fingers. I asked the charming Roxanne if there was a chance of ordering some in our size and away she went. We can only say how thrilled we are with the trouble the girls have gone to. Such a pleasure to have people determined to make you happy and go to so much trouble for us.

Families enjoying the gorgeous pool here.

We had not realised it was school hols in Europe and Asia either so there is plenty of amusement around the pool to be had. Influencers draped all over the place,it’s enough to make you shy about your sensible swimwear. Hard on all the Dads as well trying to keep looking the other way. Lots of little boys desperately trying to quietly drown little sisters while Mama is occupied with her phone.

The beach here was a pleasant surprise .I had read reviews that were really scathing about it and was troubled to read about all the rubbish. Now there is a bit up on the timeline that needs to be picked up but nothing horrendous. Far worse in other parts of Asia I have seen.

This lovely part of the world has been a joy to visit and this beautiful hotel with its yummy food and good cocktails is just brilliant.

We have been plant eaters only for some time and I was concerned it would be an issue but no. The morning buffet is a thing of wonder and all you would ever need. It is a shame to see huge plates of food left to waste and you would wonder at the reasons people waste so much. As a former mother of a large family waste just drives me crazy but as my girl tells me…not your problem Ma. Shut Up about it, but still.A pretty cool beach .

We are already plotting a return so must put financial plan into place and buy a lotto ticket at home. Phuket I love you!